Some Backgrounds and Information about Websites and SEO


Businesses in the 1990s were getting into the world of internet to create presence in their own respective markets. Several businesses took a lot of convincing to consider their presence online. Eventually, these businesses thought that putting up their brochures, products or services online is how you will utilize the internet. In other words, businesses did not want to spend so much on designing good sites for their businesses. Sometimes they were just contented on having a huge image or a few lines of text and contact numbers and so on. Only a few businesses would go into a full pledge website design for their companies.

With regards to Unraveled Media SEO or search engine optimization, the farthest they went in those days was to provide titles, descriptions and keyword tags. Since there were not so many sites that were competing at that time, the role of SEO was rare and thus websites can easily go up the rank with just relevant keywords.

Today, website designing and search engine optimization is evolving, and it is evolving fast. There are now better tools and several service providers that are joining in the field. With this, internet got a big boost, web designers are coming into the era and they can design really beautiful websites with frames, animations, flash and so on. Still some questions remain, like are the sites user-friendly, does a site downloads fast enough, or are they accessible or people can get into the sites quickly, and so on. As far as the SEO is concern, several search engines cannot get such systems into the websites because of their heavy applications and images, and thus it is taking websites a long time to download. In such situation, visitors become impatient and when found, visitors cannot find everything on that site.

Nowadays, we have these new generations of websites, website designers, and SEO experts. They are very familiar with SEO, they keep design in their minds with consideration on several factors, and in the end create a perfect balance of functionality and beauty of the site. This is not an easy task and it takes for these experts to continually test their works. And so today, we will see web designers and developers and search engine optimization experts who are working together. With these efforts, people have ready access to the internet where they can shop, download books, buy tickets and so much more. It is thus fair to say that websites are getting much better and search engines very relevant in today’s modern technology world. For more facts and information about websites and SEO, you can go to


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