Why Websites and SEO Go Hand in Hand


If you are into online marketing or familiar with it, you probably know that most online marketing experts considered website and SEO as two of its integral parts. Although some can use social media for online marketing, the potential is not as good as a website. And SEO has been all over the internet when it comes to online marketing. Website and SEO might be two separate fields but they are interrelated. Here are the reasons why websites and SEO go hand in hand.

  1. Most SEO strategies are based on website – One primary function of SEO is to put a webpage into the top of the search engine rankings. This means that the webpage would appear on the front page of the search results. From the keyword selection on the content and tags to getting views on the webpage, SEO mostly prioritize on the website.


  1. SEO boosts the efficiency of the website – When it comes to online marketing, efficiency is very important. And for the website, SEO makes it more efficient than ever. It allows website to reach target audience and generate a buzz on different contents, advertising and events. Without SEO, the site might get a lot of attention but it does not come from the ideal target audience.


  1. Website makes SEO campaign credible – If SEO is good for online marketing, it is bad for search engines. It is like a cheat code that controls which website or webpage will appear on the search engine rankings. Therefore, search engines are very critical when it comes to application of search engine optimization techniques. However, the website makes SEO credible. With a valid website, SEO techniques are not visible or appear abusive to search engines making SEO a credible internet strategy.


  1. SEO increases website visitors – SEO helps the webpage or website appears on the top rankings of the search engine. And people often click on the first page results of anything they search. Therefore, the website can generate more viewers or visitors with the help of SEO. For further details regarding websites and SEO, check out http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/search-engine+optimization.


  1. SEO keeps the website focus on its goals – There are different reasons why a person or institution puts up a website. It could be to share hobbies or interest. It could also be to promote products and services. It might be that there is a cause which most non-profit organizations have when putting a website. SEO allows the website to focus all its energy and efforts into achieving these goals.

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